Synchronicity, hot sex scene with Jemima Rooper

Have you ever watched Synchronicity? It was a little TV show from the UK that I used to watch when I was living in Manchester (the plot takes place there). What I remember from it? The hot sex scene that sets if all off at the beginning. Two guys. One girl. What more to say? Love triangles are hard.

Synchronicity or timing’s a bitch

Let me keep you up to date: Fi, played by Jemima Rooper, is with her long-term boyfriend, Jase (Daniel Percival) and they’re both best friends Nathan (Paul Chequer) who obviously is in love with Fi. After they sleep together the guilt is palpable, little did they know that Fi’s boyfriend was out playing for the other team…

Paul Chequer were part of another British show I loved: As if?


Jemima Rooper – Synchronicity por papuraverde

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  1. […] I can spend hours imagining a hot kiss with a guy I like. There is never too much tongue, it’s always the right moment, and somehow I never break my neck trying to kiss a guy much taller than me. It’s perfect! Although, sometimes, reality can be a bitch. This video is a scene from TV show Hex with Jemima Rooper. […]

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