Having a bad day? 2019 is already kicking your ass? Do not worry. Just watch Sylvan take a bite of spicy chicken wing and all your problems will disappear! Maybe we are all a little bit sadistic and we get our kicks from other people’s pain, but at least this kind of pain is legitimately imaginary! Sylvan’s brain took the hot sauce as a real threat though, sending waves of pain and sweat throughout his body, with Viktoria Vaar by his side, asking him metaphysical questions and laughing her butt off.

Hot Couture #4 : Sylvan

Here’s the first part of the episode. I thought it deserved to be shared with everybody. Watch the full episode in HD here.

Spicy connection

That’s what I love about the Hot Couture series, there is always this one moment when you see the person’s attitude change, from holding it all in, to surrendering to the pain and being who they really, fully are, and it comes at different times, depending on who’s sitting on that sofa. They laugh, they swear, they cry, and yet they still try to answer the questions as well as possible.

sylvan hot couture

The idea is that you get to know the people who star in my films better. They let us enter their intimacy, film the whole of their body, capture their faces and their little ticks, see what triggers their sexual brain… In what other ways can we connect with them? Because, in a way, that is what we are trying to do here, connect, as human beings. What’s sexier than that? (…it’s a rhetorical question…)

sylvan hot couture


Watch Sylvan in Hot Couture ep. 4 here.