POV is a porn category that triggers mixed feelings. It is usually a scene from a male perspective during which the man holds the camera and offers his point of view to the audience. There are different ways to exploit POV and this scene is a fresh interpretation of the concept.

POV with Den and Josephine

POV porn is not very popular in the feminist community because it depicts the man as the sole active character in the scene and tends to neglect the woman’s pleasure and feelings. However, there is nothing that says you can’t use POV creatively to improve the experience of both partners. Seeing what the characters are doing from their perspective is a powerful tool to help the viewers feel more connected to them.

In this scene by Joymii, Den and Josephine, camera in hand, have a sweet session of hot sex. It obviously turns them on to shoot themselves, since it adds some kind of voyeuristic aspect to the whole thing. They alternate and both use the camera to offer us a complete point of view of the sex scene, not only the man’s.

I think it’s nice to add the amateur feel of POV porn in sophisticated porn scenes like Joymii’s because it helps get closer to the moment and feel it more.

Again, we shouldn’t blame the technique itself, but the unilateral way it’s been done so far. Besides, I’m pretty sure that many men would also love to see a woman’s perspective.

What do you think?

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