‘Visceral’ is the key word here. The teaser for this upcoming documentary about sexual urges is terribly dark and sexy, offering us a peak into our deepest fantasies…

Strip I

This film by Jordan Devos and Massimo Cataldo doesn’t only observe, its own atmosphere makes us dive ourselves into these “urges”, these fantasies that sleep in the back of our head. It feels like the sexual chaos that we are all drawn to.

“Cheap perfume smells, neon lights, lonely bodies, private rooms, classified ads, bodies against bodies, sleazy spots.
From the public streets to the private rooms, amongst prostitutes and swingers, we propose a visceral representation of sexual urges, a voyeuristic journey tainted by void, anguish and obsessions.”

STRIP I from Jordan D. on Vimeo.

The project also includes a series of photographs whose blurriness and suggestive erotica support the very original style of the whole project. More here.

strip I

strip I sexual urges

strip I documentary

strip I documentary