Spirit Ink – Sexorcism in Barcelona

Sometimes, when I watch people fuck, in front of me or on a screen, I feel like they’re possessed. They moan, they scream, they convulse. Spirit Ink, my brand new scene, is a cunnilingus borderline on exorcism – sexorcism?

 Watch Spirit Ink here

Spirit Ink

I shot this scene a little while ago in Barcelona, with Selina AK and Alex AK, a real-life couple and professional porn makers. We actually shot in a tattoo studio, Siha Tattoo, where I myself got my latest tattoo done. Selina works her needle on Alex until she kisses him on the chest.

The idea comes from a moment I shared with a tattoo artist a while back in France. He was tattooing me on my left ribs and it hurt like hell, but we had a good connection, especially since I had to go three times to get it done, and that was our last session. After he finished, he put the needle down and kissed me on my ribs, right next to the fresh wound. I felt the goose pimples emerging. Then he kissed my on my chest, my neck… Needless to say, I went to his house that evening – the rest is another story.

In this scene, the roles are reversed. She has him lying down in front of her, in the palm of her hands, submissive to the pain she’s inflicting on him. She takes the step, kisses him… As if he was completely under her influence, he goes down on her, thanking her for the pain by giving pleasuring her.

Her body then becomes possessed. It turns, arks. Her eyes go white and pearls of sweat invade her face.

Thanks a lot to Siha Tattoo for letting us shoot there and use the tat gear.

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  1. Robin & Nicola

    March 24, 2016 3:30 pm

    Just found this site, I have no interest in mainstream porn but what I’ve seen on this site us all very arousing. we just feel, as a couple in their mid 50’s, watching lots of young people enjoying sex, a bit pervy. Any recommendations for older people or should we not worry?

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