I can’t help it. From time to time, I go check out what Bell Soto is up to, and I always find something to… fit my needs. This short film is titled Spell, and it deserves its title.

Put a spell on me baby

This film stars Lane Carlson, who is, you guessed it, a model. It’s funny because he’s well known for being a Carlson twin, since his brother, a few minutes younger than him, is also a model. I admit, they really do have “the model look”. Square jaws, awesome body, dreamy eyes… They might miss a little bit of personality overall, but Bell Soto is such a master that all you feel in this short film is the desire and the beauty. Soto gave life to the beauty of the male body, because it’s not only about taking photos of a nice body, it’s giving it meaning, spirit and light.

lane carlson

Of course it would be great if we could see all of mister Carlson but things are the way they are, I’m sure your imagination can remedy that.

You can know more about Carlson on his site, and you can check out my previous posts on Bell Sot0’s work here!

spell by bell soto with lane carlson