Yesterday, I wrote about the differences of mainstream films and porn when it comes to spanking. I didn’t want to stop there without showing the best spanking gifs of the week!

The waiting

It’s one of the best parts, the expectation. You know it’s coming and the excitement makes you weep.


The teasing

Everything goes when it comes to teasing your partner, it’s part of the game!

retro spanking gif[via]

The surprise

As I said, you know it’s coming, but it doesn’t keep you or your body to be surprised when the paddle actually hits your cheek.


The release

I often laugh when I get spank, not because I think it’s funny, but because of the release I feel when I get spanked. It’s such a powerful practice that relieves me and allows me to enjoy the experience more.

spanking gif[via]

The beauty

Look at yourself in a mirror. It’s just gorgeous!

spanking man gif[via]

The slow-mo

Not everything looks better in slow mo, but this definitely does. Look at it!

slow motion spanking butt[via]

The submission

Just let yourself go completely and let him or her rock your world.

hot spanking[via]

The props

You don’t have to use props, but sometimes you want to go all in and getting the leather and whip out might be a good way to make it more powerful.


Harder baby