Unfortunately, it’s not as dirty as it sounds. This is a commercial for Australian toothpaste Quay.

Quay – Brush your teeth and you’ll have great sex

I’m not sure if this is the meaning behind the video, I’m not sure there actually is any meaning behind it, except maybe hygiene is your friend. Maybe the girl kept smiling and that kept the guy from concentrating, I don’t know, but I do know that the ad is pretty hot, no matter how it ends. It’s sexy, passionate, and the two actors are really good looking.

Apparently, there’s no better way to sell toothpaste – or anything for that matter – than to insert a piece of softcore erotica and stick your logo at the end. It’s not really a criticism of my part. Usually, ads that use sex to sell do it in a sexist, prejudiced way, portraying women as objects. However, this one looks fresh and the pleasure seems to be mutual. It looks like something you and I could experience and I, at least, can identify to the situation.

Now, watch this, brush your teeth and go to your room and jerk off, it’s for your own good.