Skin. Without it we would be piles of meat. It’s what makes us feel the touch, the pain and the desire. Today I’d like to talk about two projects that I find very interesting and arousing.

Skin, from Dirty Diaries

Skin is part of the Dirty Diaries project, a collection of 13 pornographic short films by Swedish Director Mia Engberg (I’ll post more about her and the project soon).

Art meets porn in a ripping horniness without censorship.”

Click here to watch a cunnilingus scene from Skin and watch the whole Dirty Diaries film on LustCinema.

Two people wake up and hug each other. They are covered in thick layers of skin. They don’t have face nor sex. They’re blinded by disappointments and wounds which have hardened their skin. In a surgery-like operation, they rip it up with a pair of scissors and they start feeling again.

In close-ups about closeness we see the longing for something new.

Click here to watch the whole film!

The Great Ephemeral Skin, showing intimacy on screen

This film is kind of a documentary. Three men and a woman lock themselves up in an apartment in Frankfurt. Oskar and Julia are a couple and they have sex while Benjamin and Bastian film them. Their goal is to grasp intimacy on film. They want to capture the closeness, if this is possible. In a time when pornography and sex is everywhere and often vulgarized, one can wonder about the meanings of intimacy, the body and love.

The film is really natural, it’s explicit, sometimes it’s tensed, sometimes it’s just nice.

Here’s a preview and the trailer below.

You can also watch a preview and the whole film on Lust Cinema!

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Trailer of The Great Ephemeral Skin

The great ephemeral skin : pictures

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