Hey guys and girls,

I’m a bit drunk but I had this scene in mind for a while so I know you’ll like it. Believe it or not I’ve been with my girl friends watching porn and fantasizing about my new neighbor who was sexily hanging out his clothes on the balcony, as people do here in Barcelona.

This scene is from a very nice film by Joymii. It involves model Ivy having hot sex in the shower with her partner Ben. Actually shower sex is kind of a cliché, and in reality it’s not always so easy to reenact. However, this scene is really natural and I’m sure you guys can get inspired by it and get really turned on.

Have you ever had sex in the shower? It can be a real turn on, but sometimes the logistics don’t meet your expectations. The whole place is wet, you’re slipping and getting your leg so high up doesn’t feel natural. But, don’t stress about it and just do it which ever way you can. The place is not important, but being horny is, so don’t sweat it and just enjoy the moment.

Shower sex scene by Joymii

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Iwia Passionate Shower Love Scene by Joymii powered by YouPorn.