I like my men hairy, but that’s me. Not everybody likes metal head teddy bears. “Shaved” slowly unveils the figure of the male model by closely shaving him. Hot.


The shaving process can be the unsexiest thing in the world, but this one definitely gives it an erotic touch. The fact that the blades shapes the cream and reveals the naked body of the man underneath is tantalizing and truly beautiful from a graphic point of view. All you want is for that blade to make its way further. Besides, the short mixes sensations, the cream adds texture and the music, intensity.

We can see the stomach of the model filling up on air in rhythm and it feels exciting. We slowly discover the skin and muscles of the toned figure. We see the body in a different way, since the geometry we’re used to, is transformed into new lines and shapes. In my opinion, it reminds us of how erotic and beautiful the male body can be.

Can you tell I loved it?

Check out Bart Hess ‘s work and Nowness.

“Shaved” by Bart Hess – NOWNESS from NOWNESS on Vimeo.