Instead of staying in front of your computer on a nice Sunday afternoon – I know, who am I to talk… – you might as well go take a hike. You might wonder into the forest and discover some mysterious pleasures. Or a French pagan telling you to open your mouth and wish for the best.

Belle Dame Sans Merci

I met a lady in the meads,
Full beautiful – a faery’s child,
Her hair was long, her foot was light,
And her eyes were wild

This scene from Verso Cinema, Beautiful Lady Without Mercy in French, features Silvia Rubi and Gabe Tonic having more than a stroll in da woods. He goes into the unknown, man bun and mustard shorts on, until he stumbles upon her. She invites him to open his mouth. Takes him with her. Makes him pleasure her in every way.

I like it! It’s fresh, pretty and the sex is nice and slow.

Watch the full scene ♥