We all know our definition of beauty is a little fucked up, especially the rules that go with our concept of beauty. There’s what we see on the street, in the media, in porn, and it’s all pretty much a huge contradiction that leaves us confused and self-conscious.

One aspect of this is the “hair” problem. We spend a fortune removing it, grooming it, and like a curse, it always grows back. What follows is a selection of two sex scenes that basically prove that it’s all nonsense and that hair should be the last thing on your mind…

Hairy girls have fun in Post Picnic Snack by Naughty Natural

In Post Picnic Snack, directed by Nikki Silver, these two furry girls have an awesome first date and Lilah brings Joey back to her place for dessert… They have passionate and intense sex together, with their hairy pussies, legs, armpits… And you know what? It’s extremely hot to watch them have so much fun with such freedom and ease. Yeah, they have hair on their bodies – because they’re humans! – and it’s incredibly sexy to see two girls eating each other out without any pressure or doubt.

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Hairless werewolves

When you step away from porn and watch our beloved TV, it’s like all hair suddenly vanishes. Girls don’t have hair. Boys don’t have hair. Even macho, testosterone-filled werewolves don’t have hair. True Blood’s Alcide (Joe Manganiello) has the torso of a bulky baby, which means that mister Macho Man spends quite some time waxing. What does that say? Well, it basically sounds like we should do whatever the fuck we want with our bodies because, for men or women, there will always be someone telling you you should look different.

While you think about that deep statement, please enjoy this hot sex scene below.

True Blood S05E08 Alcide Sex Scene from Loosho on Vimeo.