I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t own a swimming pool, otherwise I would just spend all my time floating, napping, tanning and seducing hot guys to have chlorine-flavored sex after brunch. Swimmingly Secret is quite fresh and arousing and I even found the Behind The Scenes video for you…

Swimmingly Secret

This is actually a scene from the Joybear movie Pleasure Professionals 2. In this scene, Samantha Bently and Alexei Jackson sneak out to the roof where a beautiful view and a swimming pool are waiting for them.

Like a hotel room or a hot tub, the place is begging for some action. Samantha slowly strips and Alexei looks like he’s looking forward to take the plunge – wink wink.

What I really loved in this scene is the under water part. The camera follows the couple under the surface and the result is a gorgeous erotic choreography of bodies going with the flow. The images are lovely and I have to say, it’s nice to find surprisingly artistic scenes that add a certain sensitivity to the whole playing musical sex positions habit.

I also wanted to share this scene today because you will soon see Alexei Jackson in one of my next projects, so enjoy the eye-candy below in the meantime…

♥ Watch the full scene here ♥

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