Sex in the laundry room with Kate Winslet and Patrick Wilson

Ever had a boring Sunday afternoon, doing laundry and tidying up… and wondered: “Man, I wish I had a hot man here who would fuck me hard”? Am I right? Well, Kate Winslet is a lucky lady in the movie Little Children.

Hot sex and clean panties with Kate Winslet and Patrick Wilson

Little Children is one of those “characters crossing paths” movies. Separate stories end up being tied to each other for some reason. Sarah is a housewife who feels that there should be more in  life, and Brad is married to a documentary filmmaker and can’t seem to be focusing on passing the bar. Somehow, they meet, one day, at the park, and they connect!

And they connect again later, in the laundry room. And that’s really hot! I love that Kate looks so natural in the scene, like any bored person who would be doing their laundry. You can feel the heat in this underground room, and see the sweat on their bodies. The position is just awesome. Arms raised up and sitting down on the counter, Kate Winslet enjoys the beautiful and sweaty body of Patrick Wilson. The image here is beautiful and the pleasure is obviously great!

Kate Winslet Sex Scene – Little Children HD por madboy111

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