The other day, I talked to you about Room in Rome, which, like Sex and Lucia, was directed by Julio Medem. I really love how he shows sex and passion on such an authentic, yet fascinating level.

Sex And Lucia – Six degrees (of sexual encounters)

This is one of these films which features the lives of several unrelated characters who cross path with each other. Now, add sex to that, and you’ve got yourself a film. This really is one of my favorites movies. It goes around the life of Lorenzo and the women he meets and has sexual affaires with. There is Elena, who will have his child after having hot sex in the ocean. There is Belén (played by Room in Rome’s Alba, Elena Anaya), Elena’s baby-sitter, and Lucía, played by Paz Vega, who will share a passionate relationship with him, with a series of very hot, freeing moments of great sex.

The film is beautifully shot, and beside the great landscape, it also shows a more authentic, less cliché’d vision of sex in relationships. It’s fun, beautiful, natural and above all, mutual, by featuring equals having mutually satisfying adventures, away from sexist or puritanic mainstream images.

Here’s a selection of the hottest sex scenes from the film. Enjoy!

Hot Scenes from Sex y la Lucia por linpagla