I was myself a fan of Baudelaire, just like Jonatan Gyllenör of Fennek Films. The poet wrote the most beautiful verses about the ugliest things in the world. We are so obsessed with perfect, obvious beauty, that we forget about the real, beautiful flaws of the world and people around us which actually move us. Beauty doesn’t exist without ugliness and vice versa. So check out Scum / Asphyxiation, an experimental film about beauty and repulsion.

Scum / Asphyxiation

Inspired by Baudelaire and Mica Levi, Gyllenör shot an intriguing and impactful short film, in which he examines the dynamics and similarities between oysters and pussies. With the black and white footage and the close-up shots, it’s actually pretty hard to tell the difference between the two.

Everything in the world, is connected, so it doesn’t surprise me much, but the effect it has on the viewer is quite strong. The knife digs into the mollusk and caresses the lips, provoking a sense of fascination and fear at the same time.

It reminds me of Meow Meow’s hypnotizing Calamares.

You should definitely check out more of Fennek Films. It’s a non-profit film organization from Sweden which focuses on experimental and suggestive avant garde films. And while you’re at it, you should also follow their erotic Advent Calendar on Tumblr!

scum/asphyxiation (2015) from Fennek Film on Vimeo.