Being attracted to someone involves all our senses: It’s not just about the way they look, but the way they move, talk, how their pupils dilate during eye contact… And, last but not least, the way they smell. Yes, pheromones. Because yes, we are only animals. Check out Barnaby Roper’s vision on these love chemicals for Nowness.

Scratch n’ Sniff

This interpretation of pheromones by Roper is quite magical and overwhelming, especially if you’re a fan of quick cutting, like me. It is indeed an audio-visual feast for our whole bodies. It mixes textures, feelings, smells and everything in order to paint the abstract portrait of attraction and arousal.

Pheromones are actually secreted by sweat and other bodily fluids so, I think sometimes it’s cool to drop the perfume and give people a taste of your real, personal, natural flavor. I actually haven’t worn deodorant or perfume for a while, because, first, it feels like spraying myself with cancer – just like wifi, but I can’t really live without that one – and also because my partner LOVES my smell. He’s always sniffing me and it actually gave me a lot of confidence.

Women are constantly forced to feel bad about themselves. I’m a woman, and I used to feel bad for EVERYTHING. Including the smell of my pussy. Sad, isn’t it? So, I went organic.

Anyway, pretty cool short film. Not as NSFW as they say it is, but I’m still happy.

Define Beauty: Scratch’n’Sniff from NOWNESS on Vimeo.