A Saturday Morning feeling – Missy Jubilee

It’s Saturday morning (well, afternoon but I got up late), the sun is shining (kinda) and all is well in the world (not really but let’s say it is). What will make you feel even more awesome? A super nice video of a naked girl in the swimming pool made by Missy Jubilee. Of course the music just makes you dance around and the prospects of summer make you dizzy with anticipation…

Missy Jubilee. H.2.OH Tease 1.0 from Missy Jubilee Films on Vimeo.

Who the hell is Missy Jubilee?

She’s an artist and filmmaker and she is dedicated to the erotic beauty of female sexuality & the intellectual process behind it.

She’s made a few sexy video teasers of which she herself is the subject.

This is what she says on her site:

I want my erotica  to appeal to thinking men and women. People with class, intelligence & taste. People who are sick of the same old porn that gets dished up as acceptable to an evolved & sophisticated audience.

Just making porn more hardcore, more explicit, more gross is not improving it or evolving it. It is a comment on the porn industry that they have run out of ideas. That they have no imagination.

I haven’t run out of ideas or imagination. I haven’t even started.

To find out more about Missy Jubilee, don’t hesitate to check out her vimeo collection and/or website.

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