Run – Alexei Jackson and Amarna Miller get sweaty

Hey everybody, I’m currently enjoying my first Berlin festival, dancing and sleeping in the woods with some nice music. The first thing I thought was… Wow, it would be so cool to shoot a porn film here! Professional habit, I suppose… BUT! I never forget you peeps, so I have scheduled this nice little scene by Joybear, in which Alexei Jackson and Amarna Miller go jogging and end up doing some other kind of exercise…


You’re outside, enjoying the fresh air and finally giving that hot body of yours some nice exercise. Obviously, you don’t want to stop the fun there and you can’t stop thinking about your partner’s sweaty abs…

You already know Alexei from my scene with him in Let’s Skip The Wedding and you’ve also seen Amarna in my latest film, Blow My Mind.

This time, they fuck together in a refreshing, hot scene for Joybear


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  1. Kalina

    March 29, 2019 3:54 pm

    Good morning friends. I’m going to have my very first encounter with a 3some this Sunday. Any advice would be very much appreciate. Its going to be me, another girl and a guy I’ve been seeing., and I’m really nervous. But, I don’t know the girl yet, she’s a friend of the guy I’m seeing. I saw a few pics of her and she looks amazing. . So I had no idea that I would love sex with another girl, until the guy I’m seeing started sending me gifs of different types of sexual play and toys. I lost my mind!!! Lol It was fucking awesome!! I got turned on so much with so many dif types of play. I’m really looking forward to this new adventure in my journey of life. Ciao ✌???.
    Btw, love your page!!

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