You know when artists and singers get together to sing a song for a good cause? Wouldn’t it be great if they all submitted a group masturbation video to Beautiful Agony? I’m not sure I’d enjoy watching Bono jerk off but still, it would be fun. For today, It’s Rena Happens who gives her singular take on masturbation by sending her own wanking video with a very weird prop…

Rena Happens sheds some skin

Rena is an artist from Melbourne. I have just been looking into her work and I think I am in love. That’s what they say about her on Yirmag: “She is like a strange and obscure flower that grew from the glimmering poop of a unicorn, her fragrant aroma attracts the most unusual species to suckle her nectar. So go breathe her in and taste of her flavour.” I couldn’t have said it better.

In this Beautiful Agony video, she gives us a mind-wrecking yet funny take on self-love. No pain, no gain, right? To watch more Beautiful Agony videos, it’s right this way!

Beautiful Agony from Rena Happens on Vimeo.

Rainbow Pussy

She invented a character called Rainbow Pussy who explores life and sex with her sidekick Lucky. I’ve been looking at her tumblr for about forty minutes now and I can’t look away! It’s funny, sweetly decadent and definitely amazing, kind of like Adventure Time’s older cousin. Go check out the Rainbow Pussy tumblr now and Rena’s personal tumblr too.