I’m really excited that Suits is coming back on Thursday! Season 3 was abruptly interrupted last September, and in two days, it will be resumed so that we can finally know what’s going to happen to all our lovely characters. I don’t know if you watch the show, so let me run you through the latest events (SPOILER!)

The story of a hot scene on Suits

As usual, the firm is in danger of being taken over by the evil English, who, obviously, screws the secretary. I don’t even think he’s that hot, and to be honest, only Daniel Craig can really pull a panty-dropping British attitude.

suits gif

Donna, the secretary, the best character of ALL. She knows everything and she’s essential to the firm. She and Harvey had a thing when they worked together at the DA’s office, but they chose not to pursue it, so that they could work together on a long-term basis. Yeah, it sucks but I’m still hoping something will happen between the two.

suits donna gif

Harvey, the firm’s badass (Gabriel Macht) is fighting against his lover, Scottie. Ok, the show and the characters are a little bit overplayed, but it’s still really fun to watch hot people having an exciting life, affairs, and sex on private jets…

suits harvey scottie gif

See, Harvey is afraid to admit his feelings. It’s not the most original plot, but it we do get fond of the characters. A little like Mad Men’s Don Draper, Harvey Specter has a mysterious past who made him both awesome and emotionally crippled. By the way, when will we see a genius / emotionally tortured female character on screen?

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And Mike, is under pressure as he never passed the bar but nobody knows. Well, the boss knows but if people find out, he could go to jail.

suits mike gif

Until he admits everything to Rachel, and it seems like the truth turns her on!

suits rachel and mike gif

And they finally do it!

Then the show stopped and I was like…

suits donna gif