Real bodies and sexy lingerie in 30BPM by La Fille d’O

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The other day, I mentioned La Fille d’O, and since then I’ve found another pretty great video of theirs. It’s a beautiful, sexy erotic short film featuring their 30BPM lingerie collection.

30BPM from la fille d’O on Vimeo.

La Fille d’O – Fun and hot lingerie

This brand really makes some cool films, as well as some gorgeous lingerie. It’s not too pompous like most fashion films, it’s fun and erotic, and I think that it’s really representative of a new, original way of bringing erotic material to people.

I love that the models have beautiful, real bodies. It feels like lingerie lines always depict very tall and thin women, as if real people like you and me couldn’t wear sexy stuff. I believe that everybody deserves to have some fun and to identify with their sexy selves. This is fresh and modern, and it spreads a vision of a healthy body image. I believe that good sex only comes when you’re deeply connected with your body and confident with your identity, that’s why this film is, in my opinion, an advocate of natural, beautiful erotica.

The music is by The Hickey Underworld.

You can check out the 30BPM collection on La Fille d’O’s website.


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