Q is a French film from 2011 by Laurent Bouhnik. It’s quite rare to find a mainstream film that is so sexually explicit.

The film basically shows financial and sexual frustration in a time of economical crisis. It also revolves around Cécile, played by Déborah Révy, a promiscuous girl who will use sex as a way to search for thrills and to release her frustration.

Anecdote: Why “Q”? Well, in French this letter sounds like the world “cul” which means ass or in this context sex in general.

A rough sex scene from Q

I love how natural is it, throughout the whole film, and how sex seems to reveal people’s feelings. Overall I think it’s a good turn on, for couples, for example, since it looks very authentic and offers an alternative to cheesy mainstream porn films.

Here’s a compilation of all the sex scenes from the film. The one above is repeated in this following video but there also is a very sweet and natural cunnilingus scene at the end (4:24).

Deborah Revy – Q Desire por Pipake

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