Pretty Vacant Boys is a project by anonymous Tumblr author who likes to listen to boys telling him their sex secrets and shoot them in a pretty, almost naive way. The result is a hot series of confessions with abs and cocks.

Pretty Vacant Boys

The light is warm as these hunky guys tell us about their memories and sex anecdotes. We can gaze at their bodies while they share intimate thoughts from their sexual past, which gives a little voyeur side to this project. The director appears in one of the videos but we don’t know which one. The whole initiative is very secret and mysterious, which only makes it hotter.

Here you can see the trailer for Pretty Vacant Boys and below a preview from the film on Ryan.

You can watch the full films by donating here.

PVB Trailer from Pretty Vacant on Vimeo.

Ryan Preview from Pretty Vacant on Vimeo.