Don’t you love it when two of the hottest actors get together and act in a love scene that makes you think “I want to be her or him right now”. Well this is one of them, in my opinion. Ask for Dust was released a few years ago and stars the gorgeous Salma Hayek and Colin Farrell.

Ask for Dust – Pretty naked butt, love and hot sex

This movie is definitely a love story. But it doesn’t mean that it’s cheesy or bad. Love stories can be hot. The film is about Camilla, a Mexican girl and Italian Arturo who have an unexpected affair. Both wanted opposite things, but they can’t help going after each other. Their story is mixed with race problems (it takes place in 1933 in Los Angeles), ambitions, fear and desire.

I’m a fan of Colin Farrell since In Bruges and Salma Hayek, well, just watch From Dusk till Dawn and be amazed.

I like that in the film, it’s not the typical story of the guy who’s smitten and runs after the girl. He’s afraid and unsure, and she’s opening his eyes to a new world, a real world, away from the books he’s trying to write.

This scene is very sexy and passionate… What do you think?

Salma Hayek Sex Scene – Ask The Dust – HD por madboy111