Passion and Rage in ‘Women Of Mass Destruction’

Every time I watch a film with lesbian action in it, I always wonder: is it real? Is it for guys to jerk off? But this film is different, it has nothing to do with “lesbian”, or “straight” categories, because it’s all about the beauty of it. Women Of Mass Destruction is a gorgeous short film by Dan Bobtol.

Women Of Mass Destruction

There are many things I love about this work: the quality of the image is incredible, the slow mo makes it super hot, the models are absolutely gorgeous. I was a little afraid that the music was going to degenerate into some house beat, but fortunately, it stays really cool and edgy. I like that it’s not about two women kissing, it’s about showing the passion between two bodies, and how passion can lead to rage. I’ve often felt this, the feeling of pleasure is so strong that you want to shout and scream. That’s actually why we say the word “passions”, not only in the context of sex, but for everything emotional that has a strong influence over our actions. Sex doesn’t only make our blood go down, it wakes many things in the process, from very deep inside of us.

The two models are Divine Izaw and Alice Stevens. Dan Bobtol is a French director based in Brussels, Belgium, and shoots everything beautiful: food, people… Check out his work!

Women of Mass Destruction by Dan Botbol from Dan – Fim Director – on Vimeo.

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