Have you ever had a really good one night stand? It sounds fun but it doesn’t happen that often for two strangers to feel sexual chemistry, especially if you’ve had a bit too much too drink before. This explicit scene is from the Chilean movie En La Cama (“In the bed”) by Matías Bize.

About the movie En La Cama

Two strangers, Daniela and Bruno, connect in Santiago. They’re both 30, they meet at a party and end up at a hotel room. It’s all very natural and we see these two characters have sex, talk, fight… But at the end of the night, will it be anything more than just a one night stand?

Can two strangers have a great one night stand together?

According to this movie it is very possible. The music, by Diego Fontecilla, makes the scene even more intense and beautiful. Add a lot of passion to a scene of casual sex and you got it. The thrill of not knowing the other person, of discovering each other’s body. It can be a disaster but it can also be a great moment.

What about YOUR experience?