The face. We often forget about the face. When you reach orgasm, a million things happen in your body and the popular genitalia shouldn’t steal the attention from the toes, the eyes, the lungs… This is yet another beautiful video shot for Beautiful Agony, showing us just enough to make our heads – among other things – blow up.

Face, body and soul

It’s not a show, but more like a magic mirror into somebody else’s intimate solo moment. This gorgeous guy is letting us in on his self-play routine. I don’t know if he’s not really comfortable having the camera above him, or if he’s just taking the time to get cosy, but everything gets rolling eventually.

His right shoulder is moving, triggering, in our brain, the image of his hand stroking his dick.

I love that expression in his eyes when the pleasure accumulates and he gets closer and closer. It’s like a beautiful panic, a state of emergency which surprises us every time.

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Beautiful Agony #2748, 2013 from Beautiful Agony on Vimeo.