On the set of Pure, my first feature film

Hey everybody, I’ve been quite busy the last few weeks. I have just finished shooting my feature film, Pure, but the process started way before…

EDIT: Pure is now titled DAWN, watch it here!

French debacle

I told everybody about my great feature film project with a French TV production company… Unfortunately, that did not go well. Seven whole days of shooting, twelve hours every day. I found myself surrounded by men making sexist jokes. No respect for the actors. Pressure for erection. None of the camera guys listened to me when I pushed them to film the faces more rather than staying on the genitals at all times. But no, I was told ‘nobody cares about faces’. During a short, genuine post-orgasm conversation, I noticed the camera guy stopped filming because ‘it’s not in the script’.

So, that was quite a disappointment, but I’m still going to try to edit the movie and make something good out of it, although it’s definitely not a good memory for me or something I am proud of.

However, I learned a lot. I learned not to feel intimidated by older men who treat me like a naive little girl. I realised that the skills I built over the last three years are crucial to making porn, because it’s not just about the camera, it’s about how to treat people right, making them feel comfortable, so they don’t notice or get bothered by me filming them up close. It’s about gathering people in a friendly atmosphere where the spontaneity is more important than the script.


So, at the end of that crazy week, I was exhausted and pissed. So I decided to shoot my own feature film myself, with my rules, my people. I am now working with a great little team of people, including Poppy Sanchez at the camera, who understand my philosophy. A couple of weeks after the French shooting, I wrote the script for Pure, over a long, sleepless night.

It will take me a couple of months to edit the movie but it’s going to be an hour long and it’s going to be trippy as fuck! I gathered five actors: Magena Yama, Dusty Sunshine, Rebecca Dorothy, Alexei Jackson and Melissa Tofton. We shot mostly at the lake and in the woods, over three days. It should have been just two days but we got caught by a storm just after setting up for the shooting of the last scene, so we had to run to the car, in the dark, through the woods, with all the expensive equipment we rented. But Dusty Sunshine and Magena Yama were psyched about the project so they accepted to go shoot again last night.

Here are a few pictures. I’m so excited about this. It’s going to be so different from what I usually do…

Soon on luciemakesporn.com!

Magena Yama Pure(Photo by Dusty Sunshine)

All pictures below were taken by Hermann Görnomeier, the – super talented – Photographer on set.

Magena YamaMagena in the water

Melissa ToftonMelissa Tofton before her scene with Alexei in my friend’s caravan

Poppy SanchezPoppy Sanchez making sure we don’t forget anything

Magena YamaMagena is the main character of the film

Alexei JacksonAlexei looking fabulous after his scene

shooting in the woodsIt took a LOT of walking through the woods

alexei jacksonThat’s gonna be a funny scene…

melissa toftonMelissa Tofton, a vision in the woods

Lucie Blush in the lakeMe chilling in the lake

shooting of PureWe don’t see the mosquitos in this shot…


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  2. Marc Estienne

    February 2, 2017 4:24 pm

    On devrait parler de… merdstream porn, c’est
    un produit de consommation d’ailleurs, et pas
    étonnant que on te depossède finalement de ton
    rôle… voire de ton ame.

    Le DIY c’est la hard way, mais enfin la seule
    solution, on est dans le pire de mondoporno’s

    J’ai du mal à definir ton effort “féministe”
    … “féminin-iste” plutot 😉

    Envie de balancer un coup d’oeil à “Pure”…

    • Lucie Blush

      February 16, 2017 8:59 pm

      Qu’est-ce que tu veux dire par “féminin-iste” ?

  3. Pianaman

    August 2, 2017 2:52 pm

    When is this coming out? I love Dusty Sunshine, don’t see nearly enough of her on the screen!

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