So much excitement in the last few weeks, but let’s not forget the basics! Here’s a nice little video that will feed our usual Gay Monday with a dose of voyeurism and sweet retro style. Check out Peeping Tom by Frolic!

Peeping Tom  – Through the key hole

This video is the latest work of Anna, the eye and brain behind Frolic, a project that, much like, started as an exploration of oneself by posting beautiful imagery, and ended up with the production of amazing erotic films. The film is soft, it puts you in the mood right away and lets you imagine yourself in a world of naughtiness and sensuality.

peeping tom

These two ladies are enjoying a nice little session of kinky retro foreplay, and someone could not just bring himself to interrupt them, and so he stayed behind the door and started spying, deliciously…

I personally like the theme of voyeurism, I think it can get very arousing, by mixing the aspects of something being forbidden as well as the visual pleasure. Observing but not being to touch is one hell of a turn on… Don’t you think?

PEEPING TOM from FrolicMe Films on Vimeo.