Porn and erotica can take many shapes. The one we know best is video, online or offline. However, it can also come under the form of literature, narration, photography, or just plain imagination. Despite the fact that they don’t show real flesh, these erotic animated films can be all the more explicit and arousing. Naked Love and Tram are two very good examples of that.

1. Naked Love, a sensual trip to female sexuality

Naked Love is an erotic animated film made of seven short chapters. Through the film you will see different people having erotic encounters, and the drawings show a complete lack of oppression, guilt or shame. Sara Koppel is the film director and the illustrator who has drawn all the chapters by hand, along with Sune Køter who took care of the sound.

The film is beautifully made, surprisingly sexy and completely surrealistic.

There are also a lot of ‘making of’ videos, and below are a few short chapters of the film. Watch the whole thing on their official site.

2. Tram, fantasies of a tram driver

Tram is a short film by Michaela Pavlátová. It’s a journey into the daily routine of a tram conductress who is aroused by all the men getting on the tram and by the rhythm of the road. The short film was selected for the Animated Shorts Program at Sundance last year, and it will be part of  the Sexperiencies project, a collection of animated short films about female fantasies and sexuality. The idea came from French Sandra Schulze and Ron Dyens. In Czech Republic, it was also shown in the cinema along with the Danish film Den skaldede frisør (Love is all you need) from Susanne Bier, although it got turned down by a few movie theatres for being to explicit (WTF, right?).

Anyway, here’s the trailer video. I hope you like it!

3. Illustrated erotica

These are some pictures I found on the Sexperiencies Facebook page and that I found really inspiring.

sexperiencies erotic illustration
Nora Twomey pour “Murmures”
Gitanjali Rao for "Pleasure for the eyes"
Gitanjali Rao for “Pleasure for the eyes”
erotic drawing by Claire Wendling
erotic drawing by Claire Wendling

erotic drawing

catherine pioli for "ocean dream"
catherine pioli for “ocean dream”