Remember the last scene I shot in Berlin, with a GoPro on my forehead? Well, it’s out, and it’s called Follow The White Rabbit.

Follow The White Rabbit

Once again, it’s totally different from my previous films. From the first second, you follow me into a tiny Berlin apartment and witness all the sex and fun. There are actually two sex scenes in this one, because I wanted it to be like a journey through a crazy night, instead of the usual “they meet, they fuck, the end” kinda thing.

Why “white rabbit” you ask? Well, it kind of reminded me of that scene in Matrix where the girl with the white rabbit tattoo invites Neo to the club. And also because I’m wearing a furry white sweater in the film…

The film was screened at a little party I hosted at Sameheads in Berlin the other day, the crowd seemed to like it and felt the closeness of my character thanks to the GoPro. Hope you enjoy it too!

So, here’s the trailer below. You can watch the filmhere on my new site.