This music video seriously blew my mind. Rafael Castro is a singer and composer from Brazil and this is the video for his song with the super easy title: Pra Vender Mais, Agradar Mais, Se Falar Mais (something like To sell more, please more, talk more).

Rafael Castro’s glittery fantasy

In this clip, you will find tight shorts, glitter, sexy hip moves, food, electric wires, licking, bellies, nuts, butts, a dog and many, many more things that sleep tightly in the back of your mind. This film is deliciously crazy and arousing, it just makes me want to give everything up, take my clothes off and wander the streets of Barcelona – there actually is a naked guy with a tattooed dick walking around the city, if you come to visit, don’t miss him!

The clip explores a few sexual fetishes, from torture to sploshing and other nice stuff. It’s really fascinating to think about why we have certain cravings, where do they come from? Why does Tarantino like feet so much? It’s hard to say, but it sure is fun to explore these fantasies…

Anyway, the video has already been watched more than 50.000 times according to Rafael Castro’s facebook page.

Now, what’s your super weird fetish?

Rafael Castro – Pra Vender Mais, Agradar Mais, Se Falar Mais (NSFW) from Jose Tm on Vimeo.