Mistress, an erotic film noir by Pillow Book + new UNCUT version!

Friday is a good day. You’re tired, yet you want some fun! I’ve got what you need. A nice, and a little weird, erotic short film titled Mistress, by Pillow Book Productions.

EDIT (April 29, 2014): You know what’s even better than this film? Its 28-minute-long, UNCUT, super hot version! Aaaand you are the first ones to be able to watch it! Check it out, it’s available on luciemakesporn.com, my online adult cinema. This longer version is even sexier and lets you appreciate the kinky relationship between Brad and Jennifer.

Watch NOW

Mistress by Pillow Book, kinky in black and white

Mistress is a cool and original short film starring Brad and Jennifer, whom you can see in the very hot film, Girl, in which they abundantly kiss.

You’ll notice that Mistress is not just a film about a boy and a girl getting some action. It’s a whole play around domination. You can see the characters playing together and enjoying a rough game. Jennifer is the one who’s in charge, and she makes it clear. He’s her slave and he’s ready to do whatever she wants.

It doesn’t end with the usual penetration, it goes on with a very hot cunnilingus, that she apparently loves. I love how Jennifer is the one being dominant, without playing too much on the stereotypical dominatrix look and rigid attitude. We can all be dominant! If we feel like it, we can all adopt this role, and then also be dominated. That’s why sex is so much fun!

Roles are so important in sex. You can play with them, go around them and explore them, which will give you more trust, more fun, and more pleasure!

Pillow Book Gallery is an adult-themed website and a production company that aims at depicting the dynamics of life and relationships. It all comes from personal experience, which is what makes their work very… spontaneous and natural. They explain that they see relationships as intimate artwork.

It’s about “a life that includes men and women of all ages and orientations. It serves also as an invite to others to be entertained as we turn a lighthearted camera on ourselves and to join us with your own stories as we celebrate the entwined and inseparable arts of life and love.

Mistress is one of eight short films from the DVD “Day Dreams Night Music”, a nominee for the eighth annual Feminist Porn Awards. You can buy it on their online store!

  1. paul deeb

    September 20, 2013 10:30 pm

    Thanks very much Lucie for the gracious review. I look forward to reading more on this blog and hope that your readers will find future opportunities to read about and experience our work at Pillow Book.

    All the best,

    Paul Deeb, art director

  2. adamnarcross

    October 19, 2013 7:28 pm

    A friend recommended that I should see the video as part of some research she was conducting on the psychology or erotica. Well, after seeing it, I told her that its certainly an intriguing piece of work and will no doubt receive (or has already received) much acclaim. I went on to say that since the video’s main feature is a woman pushing, demeaning and generally interpreting dominance wholly through abuse of a male as a means of sexual gratification its sure to be supported and applauded to no end. Well, since the video is meant to appeal to feminists what else can one expect. I mentioned the irony that what is mostly condemned as abusive behavior when men shove, demean, humiliate women in porn is rampantly celebrated when women do it to men. (Just like most of the treatment of men in mainstream media such as the imbecile father, clueless husband, and infantile manchild paradigm) Of course I do not expect anyone reading this to agree with me because any opinion external to mindless deference to a feminist perspective cannot be considered as a condition of the contemporary anti-male social narrative. I see nothing fun in being humiliated, demeaned or pushed around

    • welovegoodsex

      October 21, 2013 1:01 pm

      First, it is not meant to appeal to feminists, it’s meant to appeal to everybody who likes to play it rough. Do you think feminists’ only goal is to hurt men? Couldn’t be more wrong. However, it is refreshing to see a woman assuming a dominant role. BDSM goes both ways. Pain is part of it, and many women enjoy being submitted to their male partner, and VICE VERSA, which means that many men love to be submitted too. It’s not “anti-male”, it’s just a sexual practice. If you don’t like to be submitted, then it’s your personal taste. I personally like to be dominated sometimes. It doesn’t mean my partner is “humiliating” me, it means sex is all about domination and submission, and sometimes I will dominate him. It has NOTHING to do with how mainstream porn often violently treats women, you know why? because only men take pleasure in it. In BDSM, both parties enjoy it.
      I think you got a little confused there.

    • paul deeb

      October 21, 2013 6:10 pm

      Isn’t “The Mainstream Media”, as a subject, a wee bit too large to classify in any one narrow way? If we were to look merely at contemporary sexual representations around the world, in their totality, would we really see a feminist, man-subjugating paradigm? I think not. Actually, the idea stretches credulity. Unfortunately it would seem that Adam can’t see around the axe that he is grinding far enough to get the abundantly obvious point of this piece. Plenty of people do enjoy getting pushed around, and plenty enjoy doing the pushing. Many couples consensually enjoy pushing all manner of boundaries, some of which I have trouble comprehending myself. The fact that more women are discovering that they have the ability to occupy either or both ends of the power spectrum with respect to play of this sort, without obtaining some manner of social permission, is certainly a cultural milestone worthy of celebration.

      I take issue with the idea that this film was made to appeal to a feminist audience. I made the film to appeal to anyone with a curious and open mind, a wry sense of humor and an interest in the aesthetics of film. Mistress has fans of all genders and orientations, in this way alone it has been a very successful piece. Are the particular men who have responded to it positively, or the many others who enjoy women who know how to be gratified vis a vis the discovery of their own strength, under some manner of feminist control? Please!

      It is sad that some (not necessarily Adam in this case) are driven to respond to the provocative in art whilst simultaneously being weighed down to the earth’s core by the gravity of a substantial chip or two and assume, defensively, that in preaching their personal brand of insecurity as gospel or academic truth, there resides some manner of nobility; that, in essence we should all be grateful to them for revealing what we are not likely to admit or understand. Isn’t displeasure easier to countenance or acknowledge when it is not cloaked in self righteousness? The overwhelming historical evidence is that the abuse, control, humiliation and subjugation of women is not a thing that has been given serious consideration at all until very recently, and for the most part, say for a few thousand years, the majority of male society has been greeting this all too familiar paradigm with something far from condemnation.

      Paul Deeb,
      art director, Pillow Book

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