Ludóvico y los Acéfalos is a band from Cantabria, Spain, which gives hip hop and rap a totally different style. We can see that in the video for their song Miau – part of their Dionisio vs Scarface EP. They decided to add some sweetness and sex positivity to their clip and it’s absolutely fun and beautiful. Check it out.

Miau by Ludóvico y los Acéfalos

What we see in the clip is bodies, a lot of bodies, all different, all genders, all sexualities. Usually, I like to see people’s faces in erotic works but this time, the band asked their friends to participate so we can’t see their faces. But, we have people who touch each other, in harmony, having fun and illustrating the song’s love story in a very different way. There is no violence, no humiliation, no bills being thrown in the air or guys with golden teeth groping women’s asses.

This is real, this is people, and sex is for everybody.

The band says that they wanted to show that you can talk about sex without a language of hate. On the contrary, it can be collective and respectful, showing friendship and without judgement, like a brotherhood of nudity.

Plus, the song is entertaining. So… enjoy!

More about Ludóvico y los Acéfalos here.

Miau – Ludovico y los Acéfalos [LYLA] from LYLA on Vimeo.