From Barbies to mainstream porn, beauty standards have been implanted in our minds since we were born. Women have especially suffered this body dictatorship since our value is mostly found in our physical appearance. That unfortunately and stupidly also applies to our cunts.

When I was a kid, I used to think that vulvas with big labia belonged to women who had a lot of sex. I know, how stupid! Beside feeling deeply self-conscious about my chubby body, I used to feel scared that men wouldn’t like my pussy. I thought it might be two smelly, too ugly, too hairy…

every vulva is unique

However, when I started working in porn, I realized that we were all different. And that’s the beauty of it!

Illustrator Meredith White decided to fight against this nonsense and celebrate the uniqueness of every vulva by making awesome illustrations in order to remind everybody, men and women, that pussies come in all shapes and sizes.

meredith white club clitoris

She started her Instagram account, Club Clitoris, and realized that a lot of women felt the same.

I think we should all reclaim our uniqueness, against the mainstream idea that we should all look like Heidi Klum. Comparing ourselves to these unrealistic and male-oriented bullshit standards that drive us away from our self-confidence from a very young age.

meredith white vulva

Every illustration she makes comes from a real woman: Every hair, labia wrinkle, dimple, and freckle is included in my drawings (and they’re honestly the best part), she told Konbini.

A lot of women spend so much time obsessing about grooming their cunts: waxing, shaving, even cosmetic surgery, without forgetting period shame. Sorry baby, I’ve got my period today! And we do all these things to try to fit with an image that is imposed to us by the media and mainstream porn.

vulva illustrations by meredith white

That’s also what I try to fight against with feminist porn, by showing the beauty of every body and the freedom from patriarchy we are entitled to.

So, be amazed by all these kickass illustrations and remember, what is defined as imperfections actually makes us who we are. Be proud of that.

club clitoris


via Konbini