Hey folks, and happy new year!
To celebrate the fact that all this xmas bullshit is over and that we can now safely go back to our lives and put the memories of the shameful amounts of food we ate or the frustrating arguments we had with our families in a little box far, far away from 2016, here’s what makes it all better: Silvia Rubí and Luna Ruiz having hot, intimate sex.


‘Maquillaje’ means ‘make up’ in Spanish. Luna applies some make up on Silvia’s face, who is not so convinced about her new look. She doesn’t care much about make up, but more about licking the precious lips of her friend. This scene is what it is, two friends having hot sex together. You can grasp the lightness of it, the friendly atmosphere, the connection, the laughters…

Watch the full scene right here ♥