Looking, HBO’s brand new show with hot (gay) guys

Who doesn’t love HBO. They bring us a daily dose of mainstream nudity, violence, and introspection. Game Of Thrones, Girls, … and now Looking, a new show that will premiere on January 19!

Looking… For Love, Sex and Happiness

It feels a bit like a gay male Sex & The City. Three men are looking for love in one of the greatest gay cities of the world, San Francisco. All the topics and difficulties of love and sex are shown: relationships (open or not), where to find love, safe sex, how to deal with getting older, Internet dating…

It looks pretty cool and even though it treats subjects that we’ve already seen on screen, it doesn’t look like a load of clichés, but like a modern group of people who live in the real world and who want to be happy.

We can find Jonathan Groff from the cast of Glee, and other pretty good looking boys who, I’m sure, will know how to entertain us…

I don’t want to get my hopes up and imagine it could be as good as my all time favorite, Queer As Folk, but I will give it a chance!

Here’s the trailer, followed by… a second trailer. What do you think? Will you be waiting for the premiere?

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