At first, I thought this short film was going to be one of the many fashion films that you can find online. A pretty face, a pretty dress and skinny font. However, I was very pleased to discover that L’Image is an arousing, clever and original piece of film about lust, desire and submission.

L’Image – Purple Magazine

This film was made by fashion photographer and film director Can Evgin for the French fashion magazine Purple.

What I love about L’Image is that we can see one woman, but there are two characters. Behind the camera is hidden the dominant character who gives orders. Lift up your skirt. Dance for me. A game is established between the two and it’s obvious that the sexual tension is rising exponentially. We, as the audience, are part of the game and we get to be drawn in it and aroused by it.

It’s all implicit, which kind of makes it even sexier. The submission, the looks to the invisible character, the glimpses of ass cheeks and nipples under a transparent shirt… The off voice is hypnotizing, sweet and intense at the same time.

I personally loved it, what do YOU think?

L’Image – Purple Magazine. By Can Evgin featuring Mary Charteris from Can Evgin on Vimeo.