Lie With Me is a mainstream movie that came out in 2005. It’s really intense, and doesn’t have much dialogue. It’s about an attraction, and the need for more. More what? That’s the question.

Leila is an outgoing girl who loves having random sex (and a lot of it) with strangers to satisfy her sex drive. Upset about her parents’ divorce, she goes out and meets David, an artist who lives with his dad. They’re immediately going to hit if off and their torrid affair starts. They’re not really on the same page, though. She has this extreme need for sex, borderline pathology, and doesn’t know how to be with only one man. David is the opposite, he’s possessive and he demands commitment.

Leila is played by Lauren Lee Smith, and David by Eric Balfour.

Lie With Me, Fucked up relationship and intense sex

The explicit sex scenes are very natural. It’s sex that could very well happen between two people in real life. And it’s not glittery romantic sex, it’s almost aggressive, due to their ambiguous relationship. It’s as if they were making love and fighting each other at the same time. You can see the frustrations in both of them, the fantasy they have about each other and the fear they’ll grow apart. However, they’re constantly fighting to stay together, despite the obvious problems.

See for yourself.

I love this blow job scene. It’s naughty, fun and exciting. I love how we actually fully see David’s penis, it doesn’t happen very often in mainstream movies!

This second scene is kind of dark. It’s hot and all, but it makes me a bit ill-at-ease.

Lauren Lee Smith – Lie With Me por LACARTEAUTRESOR

There is also this scene where Leila can’t help masturbating like crazy.

There are more sex scenes from the film, you can see them all in this compilation:

Lauren Lee Smith nude scenes – Lie With Me powered by YouPorn.


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