Hey everybody, you know I’m a big fan of Liandra Dahl, right? I already wrote about her here and here. Soon I will also talk about her role in Erika Lust’s latest movie, Cabaret Desire, but for now, let’s talk about “The Best of Liandra Dahl – Part II”, in which she has hot casual sex with Matisse (who is also her partner in Cabaret Desire).

Liandra Dahl and Matisse – Real and fun!

Dahl is just awesome, you know why? Because she’s true to who she is and what she likes. She loves her very hairy pussy and she’s really natural when it comes to sex, and to talking about sex. She’s hot, short, funny and genuine, and I think that’s why many people are in love with her.

This DVD contains lots and lots of her scenes, and here is one that I particularly like. I love how casual it is, like two friends having fun. I actually know for a fact that they’re friends for real.

As you have guessed, I also love this scene because Matisse is just incredibly hot. I have a thing for tall blonds. I know… He kind of reminds me of a naughty Thor!

There’s also a very fun and sexy scene with her and Chloe B. Really. Watch it.

You can watch a preview of the DVD and the whole film here.

liandra dahl and matisse porn

liandra dahl and matisse porn

liandra dahl and matisse porn