Today, I have a very nice erotic short film for you my little lambs. It’s called L’Agonie Pardonné, and if we ignore the spelling mistake, we can assume it’s French for “Forgiven Agony”. It’s about how, sometimes, we dive into the idea of someone and we fall completely in love with it.

L’Agonie Pardonné, by Pope.

Something took root inside of me

And froze there

Something both mean and sweet 

I had never seen anyone

So absolutely perfect…

It’s happened to me many times. I get very excited about the idea of someone, I idealize how it could be with us, how he touches me and how we have sex, and in the end, it has nothing to do with the actual person. I’m a big dreamer, I daydream at work, I spend a lot of my time in my head, imagining stuff, fantasies. And although my head has formed a perfect person, body, relationship… the reality is never like this, and it’s probably better this way! However, it can be tough to adjust without lowering your expectations… I often fantasize about having sex, and when it does actually happen, I lose the sparkle.

You were never mine

This film shows actress Katie Parker fantasizing about this perfect man who satisfies her completely. But it’s not always easy, and you can really see that in the film, which was written, directed and edited by Pope.