Dear pervs, I am exhausted. Exhausted, but happy! I had yet another very productive day at the Berlin Porn Film Festival. I watched a lot of porn short films, including my own Up All Night and Alice Inside, on the big screen, and Petra Joy’s premiere of her latest baby, (S)he Comes. Every work was different and one stayed in my head. This is La Petite Mort.

Domestikia, Chapter 3 : La Petite More by Jennifer Linton

Madelaine is sitting and reading in her parlor, when a strange visitor comes in. This animated octopus approaches her and then begins a surreal narrative of love and betrayal.

I think we can all have our interpretation of this film, but in any case, it’s amazing to see that someone had such a different and amazing idea and actually put it together for the world to see.

The atmosphere is strange and dark, and the contrast between what is happening and the almost naiveness of it all makes it quite a delightful moment.

The film is brought to us by Jennifer Linton in Canada and was nominated to several film festivals. Jennifer is a visual artist who works with new media. I love that erotica can take such an unexpected shape!

More on Papercut Pictures and Jennifer Linton’s site. You can also check out the rest of videos in the Domestikia Series here.

Domestikia, Chapter 3: La Petite Mort from Jennifer Linton on Vimeo.