‘Je m’excite’ with Romy Furie

In January I had the honour to shoot with Romy Furie, together we made a film called Je m’excite, a visual love letter that celebrates the splendour of self-love.

Shooting with Romy was an amazing experience, she’s a confident & strong woman who knows how to subtlety seduce with just one glance.

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Self love with Romy Furie

I decided to make a film that shows self-love and lust in a positive light because I think allot of people, especially women are embarrassed to talk openly about masturbation.

So let’s talk about real self-love, something that goes beyond ‘body positive’ hashtags and mirror selfies.
Self-love should come form an understanding that you have to love yourself in order for others to love you, but this shouldn’t be the main reason why you want to love yourself.

You should want to love yourself because it’s the most important relationship you will ever have.

je m'excite erotic

A few years ago, I got out of a long-term relationship. After we split I couldn’t love myself because I had lost a sense of who I was.

I remember right before we broke up I looked my lover in the eyes and realised that I knew everything about him and nothing about me, this provoked a strong motivation to revive the relationship I had with myself and invest positive energy into something that’s worth keeping.

romy furie poppy sanchez


Sexuality played a big part in rediscovering myself, it taught me how to be confident without the validation of others. I’ve spoken to allot of women lately who say they don’t experience much sexual pleasure with a partner because they have difficulty letting go and reaching orgasm.

A lot of women don’t feel sexually confident during sex, which is something I gained through masturbation and focusing on what I do love about myself instead of what I don’t.

Another thing that helped was letting go of prejudice thoughts and pretending to have the kind of confidence I wanted and eventually I noticed that I wasn’t pretending anymore, so if all else fails; fake it till you make it!

romy furie je m'excite

Discovering your sexuality should start with yourself, it helped me understand exactly what my body likes and dislikes which also helped my sexual experiences with other people become more enjoyable.
Realising how much fun I can have by myself has empowered and encouraged me to shamelessly embrace self-love and I hope my newest film inspires you to do the same.

romy furie

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