James Franco has been everywhere on the Internet this week, with the release of the parody video of Kanye West’s Bound 2 music clip. It was bound to happen, since the original video is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen in my entire life, but it’s so much cooler when it’s James Franco and Seth Rogen who decide to do it.

I remember him initially from Spider Man, in which of course he didn’t give me a good feeling, all bitter and jealous. The guy is not the hottest, but he’s got such a cool and funny attitude that it makes him really attractive. Do you agree?

1. James Franco and Seth Rogen going at it

I love how they actually kiss for real, so great!


2. Even he thinks he’s sexy

james franco sexy kiss gif

3. And funny

james franco naked sexy gif

4. And open-minded…

sprink break gif james franco

5. And naughty

james franco sexy gif

6. There he is loving himself even more

james franco kiss gif