I absolutely love this new short film that I’ve found tonight. It’s very erotic, suggestive, elegant… and beautiful! This is “It’s All In Your Head”, a short promotional film for the brand Lascivious.

A sensual elevator ride with Lascivious lingerie

As the brand explains on their vimeo page, the short “explores the idea of a wandering imagination, with multiple fantasies played out in a lift sequence“. It is made of glimpses of a couple having fun and, of course, wearing the brand’s lingerie.

Of course, it’s in black and white, and the whole atmosphere is completely erotic and sensual. Although we only see brief moments of these couples’ passion, it builds a strong pleasure in anticipation, of what we’re going to see next, of what we want to see, what we want them to do… It has a nice little voyeur aspect, and I love it!

We don’t see much of the lingerie, but enough to understand that it’s pretty damn hot, and that if you wear it, you’ll magically get laid by hot male models. In public places. …Good enough for me!

Shot by the Photographer Szymon Brodziak, the film promotes the Lascivious AW13 collection. Models are Katarzyna Danysz, Magdalena Psiuk, Weronika Sierant, John Esposito.

Before releasing the film, they published a very hot teaser for it…