Rust and Bone (see the trailer here) is a French film by Jacques Audiard, that was released last year. It features Marion Cotillard, as Stéphanie, a killer whale trainer, and Matthias Schoenaerts, as Alain, a man who’s put in charge of his son and moves to the South of France.

After Stéphanie suffers an accident with a whale and loses her leg, her and Alain will form a deep bond.

Marion Cotillard as never seen before

This scene is deeply intense, and a little bit disturbing. She has sex with Alain and it’s the first time for her since the accident. She tells him to go slowly, and she’s apparently scared, which is completely understandable. But despite her incomplete body, the scene is really beautiful and raw.

Marion Cottillard fucked in Rust and Bone por -kevinmorin2410-

Bonus – Furia

As a little bonus, here’s a nice and romantic sex scene with Marion Cotillard, from the movie Furia, by Alexandre Aja. There are no subtitles on the video so let me explain a little bit what she says at the beginning. There was an attack at her village and she lost an eye, so they replaced it. However, the only eye they could find did not match her original eye color. That’s why they look different…

Marion Cotillard Furia por UZI4you

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