What inspires you to drive your hands down your pants? Sometimes an atmosphere, a song, a memory can get us started, so I guess it’s pretty ironic I made a porno from this idea. Inspired is my new film, available on commonsensual.com.


Anneke Necro only shoots with her real-life boyfriend, Sade, which is why this scene is so special, in my opinion. In this film, shot in Berlin and Barcelona, Anneke either fantasizes or reminisces about a warm afternoon spent having sex on the balcony. Flashbacks from really hot sexual moments usually stay with me for a long time afterwards. Your brain opens the door and suddenly you feel the same surge, as if time didn’t exist.

Check out the trailer below and watch the full scene here in HD.

The round room where Anneke lets her imagination wander is a place with a very weird vibe. It automatically puts you in a dark day-dreaming state of mind. In order to make the shooting more fun, I put some music in the background while she was masturbating. Usually, you can’t put any music during  shooting but it really helped us get into the mood quickly and I was also interested in making this scene into a music video, which I’m going to do more and more.

south park imagination gif

I also wanted to portray a train a thought, to show images as they came to her mind. The brain being the major sexual organ is not a myth! Maybe women tend to use their imagination more than men, but I think it’s a scene that could be interesting for both genders.

What do you think of the trailer?

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