A while ago, I told you about HBO’s new show, Looking, focusing on a group of gay guys trying to figure out their sex / love life in San Francisco, kind of like a gay male version of Girls. Well, the power of fast-speed Internet has brought us a very hot peak into a sex scene from the show, guest-starring one sexy orgasm!

“Oh fuck I’m gonna come,” – One Good Orgasm

I’m really thinking of shooting male gay porn. The more I investigate about porn and sex online, the more I hear that women are really fond of gay porn. I kind of like it too. And it makes sense! The guys are hot, there is no demeaning of women, and even though there’s no vagina to be seen, the sex and eroticism are there. It proves that for many people, porn is not about watching mechanical, biological content, but about the pleasure, the connection, and the passion!

I’m saying this because this scene really turned me on. One guy is giving another what seems to be an amazing blow job, and watching the pleasure unleashing is just breathtaking. It’s light and casual, there is no pressure of any kind, and it’s really natural. The fact that I’m a woman doesn’t keep me from identifying to these men, because it’s about the situation, and of course about me finding them attractive.

looking hbo from marlislash on Vimeo.